Excel 2007 Training Videos
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Excel 2007 Training Videos

Excel 2007 Training Videos

Excel 2007 Training Videos will introduce you to the
basics of creating a: spreadsheet, with simple formulas and calculations to more powerful ones, and how you can use Excel 2007 as a database with many sorting and filtering options. It's also important to know how to create your database right the first time, like how to avoid common
design flaws, and numerous time saving features!

Learn how to create charts from your organized data, how to format your data range into a nice looking table, and more by our Microsoft Certified Trainer training Excel 2007!


Excel 2007 DVD

With your DVD purchase you'll get Excel 2007 Levels 1, 2 & 3 training videos in both: Flash and Windows Media Video file formats. All of our Microsoft Office 2007 training videos can help you pass the exams and become certified!
$49.95 - DVD

Excel 2007 Downloads!

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Excel 2007 Level 1
  1. Excel Getting Started (14:29)
  2. Quick Access Toolbar (8:51)
  3. Data Entry (14:21)
  4. Converting to 2007 (10:37)
  5. Converting to Previous (4:33)
  6. Move Copy Cut Data (5:41)
  7. AutoFill Feature (3:13)
  8. Editing Data (12:11)
  9. Find and Replace (5:55)
  10. GoTo Feature (3:13)
  11. Spell Check (1:24)
  12. Basic Formulas (10:27)
  13. SUM and AVERAGE (12:59)
  14. MAX and MIN (2:34)
  15. COUNT and COUNTA (3:43)
  16. Absolute Reference (6:21)
  1. Mixed References (11:09)
  2. Text To Columns (3:48)
  3. Combine Columns (4:15)
  4. Modifying Fonts (3:20)
  5. Borders and Shading (5:52)
  6. Adding Backgrounds (1:03)
  7. Adjusting Columns Rows (5:20)
  8. Text Wrapping (3:38)
  9. Hide Columns Rows (2:41)
  10. Merge Cells (2:59)
  11. Formatting Numbers (8:41)
  12. Create Modify Styles (4:21)
  13. AutoFormat (2:19)
  14. Applying Themes (8:52)
  15. Modifying Worksheets (7:43)
  16. Print Titles (2:23) - VIEW DEMO!
  1. Headers and Footers (8:22)
  2. Margins (4:10)
  3. Page Orientation (2:16)
  4. Page Breaks (5:08)
  5. Print Scaling (4:22)
  6. Set Print Area (3:21)
  7. Split Window (2:50)
  8. Freeze Panes (3:14)
  9. Arranging Worksheets (4:10)
  10. Hide Worksheet Books (2:39)
  11. Speak Cells (3:57)

Level 1 (799 MB)
4 hours of training

Unlimited viewing of Excel 2007 Level 1 training videos for one computer.
Excel 2007 Level 2
  1. Customize Excel 2007 Interface (3:18)
  2. Watermarks and Gridlines (7:53)
  3. Customize Themes (5:04)
  4. Cell Comments (6:25)
  5. Create Hyperlinks (6:39)
  6. Web Research (1:08)
  7. Custom Templates (8:39)
  8. Create Tables (3:01)
  9. Modifying Tables (5:44)
  10. Custom Table Styles (2:13)
  11. Create Charts (5:49)
  12. Modify Charts (7:07)
  13. Chart Templates (1:27)
  14. Chart Sharing (1:10)
  15. Create PivotTables A (9:40)
  16. Create PivotTables B (5:16)
  1. Create PivotCharts (5:07)
  2. Insert Pictures (2:28)
  3. Draw Modify Shapes (5:08)
  4. SmartArt Processes (4:37)
  5. Clip Art (2:18)
  6. Layering and Groups (5:44)
  7. Create Name Ranges (7:03)
  8. Linking Data (4:43)
  9. Time Functions (3:41)
  10. LEFT and SEARCH A (9:32)
  11. RIGHT SEARCH and LEN B (9:25)
  12. PROPER UPPER and LOWER (2:58) - VIEW DEMO!
  13. SUM COUNT AVG Ifs (8:36)
  14. HLOOKUP (7:56)
  15. VLOOKUP (6:50)
  1. IF AND and OR (6:11)
  2. Nested IF (4:13)
  3. IFERROR (5:17)
  4. Display & Print Formulas (2:30)
  5. PMT Payment (4:25)
  6. Sort, Consecutive Sorts & Database Design Flaws (9:22)
  7. Advanced AutoFilter (7:08)
  8. DSUM DAVG DCOUNT (10:40)
  9. Subtotals (4:47)

Level 2 (648 MB)
3.5 hours of training

Unlimited viewing of Excel 2007 Level 2 training videos for one computer.
Excel 2007 Level 3
  1. Macro Basics (8:34)
  2. Editing Macros (4:53)
  3. Advanced Filter and Macros (8:17)
  4. Conditional Formatting (3:47)
  5. Validation Rule (6:32)
  6. Workbook Properties (3:27)
  7. Excel Default Settings (2:04)
  8. Protect Worksheet (7:39)
  9. Protect Structure and Windows (2:06)
  10. Protect Workbook and Backup A (3:59)
  11. Protect Workbook and Backup B (5:29)
  12. Share Workbook (10:15)
  13. Protect Shared Workbook (5:03)
  14. Merge Workbooks (6:07)
  1. Macro Settings (3:20)
  2. Digital Signatures (10:43)
  3. Restrict Access by User (8:54)
  4. Formula Auditing (4:04)
  5. Circle Invalid Data (2:30)
  6. Watch & Evaluate Formulas (5:18) - VIEW DEMO!
  7. Automatic Outline and Group (5:57)
  8. Chart Trend Lines (1:42)
  9. Scenario Manager (5:36)
  10. Goal Seek (2:52)
  11. Solver (4:59)
  12. Random Sampling (8:10)
  13. Workspace (2:34)
  1. Consolidate Data (4:25)
  2. Link Workbooks (5:54)
  3. Export To Word (1:48)
  4. Import Text Files (1:31)
  5. Publish Worksheets To Web (1:39)
  6. Import Data From Web (2:22)
  7. XML Structuring (10:41)
  8. Advanced Number Formats (6:01)

Level 3 (668 MB)
2.9 hours of training

Unlimited viewing of Excel 2007 Level 3 training videos for one computer.

Top 7 Excel 2007 Must See Videos!
If you're already familiar with the previous version of Excel, and want to know what's new in Excel 2007 you'll want to check out the following training videos:

  1. Converting to 2007 (#4) - convert old Excel files into small and safer Excel 2007
  2. Basic Formulas (#12) - basic formulas created in many ways and for later levels
  3. Create and Modify Styles (#28) - set a style to be used over and over again
  4. Print Titles (#32) - repeating the column headers on every page printed
  5. Print Scaling (#37) - fitting all text onto one printed sheet of paper
  6. Freeze Panes (#40) - keeping your column headers with you while scrolling
  7. Tables (#51-53) - convert your database into an organized, formatted table

Excel 2007 Core (77-602) and Expert (77-851) Exams:
Our Excel 2007 training videos include all the training you need to pass both Core and Expert exams!


Excel 2007 Training Videos DVD Details...
The Excel 2007 training videos on DVD contain not only Flash files, but also Windows Media Video files. These files make it easier to find the right training video that is sharpest and clear to you on your monitor. Flash files for larger monitors with high resolution looks great, and for smaller monitors we recommend the Windows Media Video files.

Over 10 hours of training videos. Approximately, 2.1 GB of DVD space. Why so large? The videos were recorded at a higher screen resolution of 1024 x 768 to reveal more tools available on the new Excel 2007 Ribbon, and accommodate today's average user's higher screen resolution, wide screen LCD monitors. We believe you should be able to see more of the options available in our training videos.

Excel 2007 Levels 1, 2, 3 training videos on DVD and includes one access license key:


Excel 2007 Reviews

"Your videos are very professional and easy to follow."

Ron V. - Texas

"The Microsoft Word 2007 and Excel 2007 training videos are great."

Brad O. - Oregon

"Thanks again for the quick response and great customer service. I am eagerly awaiting your release of Windows 7,  it is a great update but very different from Windows XP. I am now up and training on my new laptop, thanks again. Keep those training video's coming."

Stephen D. - New York

"I just received your Excel 2007 Video Trainer. I would like to say thanks and compliment you on a very well put together program."

Bobby K. - California

"This is one of the best training vehicles I have used. I had always wanted to learn about Excel but never was ambitious enough to go the "trial and error" methods. This video steers you very precisely through anything you want to do with Excel, from the user entry level to very complicated stuff you probably would never learn on your own.

The DVD's came lickety-split in the mail and you will be able to get right to it.

My one very small caveat is that Kirt goes through the lessons at somewhat of an accelerated pace so you need to be very alert to keep up with his explanations.

I will be ordering some of the other Office videos in the near future. I am looking forward to getting the Word series DVD. This will be my second purchase from you after having ordered the Excel video series... and was really learning a lot."

George R. - Florida

Excel 2007 Training"GREAT PRODUCT FOR BEGINNNERS!!! I wanted to brush up on my Excel skills for my job search and was having some difficulties with textbooks- I need to "see" what's happening instead of reading about it. I am so glad I found this DVD! I love the teaching style, the different tips and examples given in the lessons, and how it's broken down so you can learn at a pace comfortable for you. I really liked that it is designed for the "real world" user who isn't an expert, so the language and format was easy to follow for the average consumer. Sometimes these teaching DVDs can get too technical for me. I know that Microsoft Office classes given locally cost over $250 per level!! I believe the quality and quantity of information you get from Kirt Kershaw is just as good, if not better. I have already recommended this to a friend and will definitely be purchasing the other DVDs in the future."

Dacia D. - North Dakota

Excel 2007 Training"Excellent videos look forward to dealing with you in the future."

Reginald W. - Australia

Excel 2007 Training"I received my lessons on DVD for Excel 2007, and I'm very happy with them. So happy that I'm going to order the Office 2007 bundle also."

Anthony B. - Kentucky

Excel 2007 Training"I just wrote a stellar review on MS Excel, but I love all of these products and will follow up with reviews of others as well... Amazing DVDs, you will love these! I purchased these dvds to brush up on my Excel abilities and this product is outstanding! I have used these dvds often, they're very informative, cover the topics well and give relative, interesting, applicable examples. Thank you, thank you, thank you for offering this wonderful product, it has helped me tremendously! Thanks so much for these wonderful dvds!

There's something else I wanted to tell you… I took an Excel class hosted at a local hotel recently by a big name company who apparently is known more for their classes being infomercial-like, than learning based.  It was terrible.  They pushed their expensive software products the entire time and there was little instruction going on during the course.  I felt bad because my company had sent me to the course, I didn't really know Excel, and I was afraid to tell my bosses just how much of a rip-off the class really ended up being.  Knowing that I needed the Excel knowledge in my head quickly, due to my daily job responsibilities, I purchased your DVDs so I could learn at home.  They have saved me so much time at work!  I went from not knowing Excel to being a semi-pro – I text-to-column and concatenate my data daily!"

Sharon S. - Florida

Excel 2007 Training"Good Foundation. The training does a very good job building on the basics. Very easy to follow."

Ray G. - Florida

Excel 2007 Training"I purchased both the 2007 Word and Excel training videos by Kirt Kershaw after reading customer reviews of the videos. I had been looking for just this kind of training video to help me be more comfortable and proficient using both programs. I consider myself a novice and really wanted something I could use on my computer and do at home at my own pace. Kirt Kershaw's teaching style is great. He speaks clearly and goes over each detail in the program to help the student get comfortable working within its framework. The lessons are well organized and the instructions easy to follow. I like the fact I can go over and over these training videos whenever I want and learn more each time as I remember more steps. I truly feel I will achieve my goal of becoming more adept with each program after I've worked with the videos over the course of time. This is a much more convenient way for me to learn than going to a computer class at a learning institution or training center, and certainly easier than reading a text book. I also purchased both the above training videos as gifts for my sister as she also had been looking for a convenient way to learn these programs at home at her own pace. Her comments regarding the videos were similar to mine and she also really appreciates Kirt's teaching style. I look forward to learning from other training videos by Kirt Kershaw. What a stress-free way to learn! "

Diana O. - California

Excel 2007 Training"Thanks for you immediate action. This program is outstanding, I will finally learn how to use Word, Excel and Power Point. I was using Professor Teaches Word, it worked but, was a little too slow for me. Thanks a million, I will spread the word....."

Sonia O. - Ohio

Excel 2007 Training"The excel 2007 DVD is GREAT! The best video training approach of all the video demos I've looked at - and I've researched them all. Even better is knowing that all the dvd's in your collection will be of the same great quality and presented by the same instructor with the same approach. Do you have any kind of quizzes or practice exercises available for download that go along with the classes? Also, any idea when a 2010 Office set will be available for purchase?"

Mary S. - Illinois

Excel 2007 Training"Love your videos - you are an awesome trainer!"

Lakshmi B. - California

Excel 2007 Training"Thank you for your fantastic videos. You are the best in the business."

Henri G. - California

Excel 2007 Training"Great DVD. I thought I knew Excel until I watched this DVD. Discovered quite a few things that made my job a lot easier."

Paul M. - unknown

Excel 2007 Training"Purchased your office products in the past and found them very well done."

Mike T. - New York

Excel 2007 Training"Excellent training video. Wish all training videos were so clear and concise! Thank you!"

Joy Colson

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"Your videos are great, and your teaching materials are amazing."

Elia G. - Canada

"Very professional and valuable so far."

Tomas M. - Florida

"I enjoy your lessons very much and your support has been awesome."

Don M. - Illinois

"I have purchased the Excel 2007 for an exam that I was preparing for; and this dvd has helped me a lot. The Financial Test went very good. Your video tutorial has all the things that were asked....It's a GREAT video for a small price. The instructor has an amazing voice and knows his stuff real well. The lessons are easy to follow and well presented - you'll be amazed at how quick you can learn. A brilliant DVD - I strongly recommend."

Leon A. - California

Excel 2007 Training"I downloaded this product from the Website, to learn the new elements of Excel 2007, as I was familiar with previous versions of Excel and to gain the training to take a Microsoft Certified Application Specialist Excel 2007 exam. The videos were great. They are clear and provide examples of how to use the different components of the Excel 2007. The videos are broken into sections/topics which allow the user to obtain the knowledge of the application. They are also very comprehensive and cover all the different areas of the application. The website states that the videos contain all the training to pass the exam - After watching the videos and taking the exam, I strongly agree with this statement. Thanks to the videos, I was able to learn the application and pass my MCAS Excel 2007 exam. I recommend it without any hesitation."

Matthew W. - Barbados

Excel 2007 Training"Thanks for getting back to me so promptly. The testimonials are right - great customer service and feedback. I have high expectations from the course."

Aditya S. - Virginia

Excel 2007 Training"First off let me tell you that I am very pleased with the Excel 2007 Training material I recently purchased from you and that it is my intention to order the Access 2007 material soon."

John O. - Ireland

Excel 2007 Training"Your Excel and Access training vids are great and will recommend them to my friends. Do you offer anything for QuickBooks?"

Paul P. - Illinois

Excel 2007 Training"I purchased two of your excel training dvd's -- one for my office and one for my husband's. We are all learning and loving the training."

Cheryl T. - Oklahoma

Excel 2007 Training"Nearly finished level 3 on Excel 2007; good job! Would it be right to say, that level 3 still only scratches the surface of excel....there are so many formulas that could be used? Having said that, your Excel course is excellent, well designed and prepared...I still have 3 modules in level 3 to finish, but so far so good :) Have you any distribution network to get these disks to Europe and beyond!...the potential market for your product is huge!"

Paul B. - Ireland

Excel 2007 Training"Dream Force Excellence in Excel-Word-Access. This is the best tutorial available to use if you're tired of trying the old book-cd "click here-type that" routine. Live, careful instructional videos show each step and voice over explanation. Very nice."

Arnold J. - New Jersey

Excel 2007 Training"Very easy to follow from beginner to advanced... I am very pleased with these training videos. I went through the basic videos first even though I am familiar with the basic functions of Excel and was actually surprised to find things that I didn't know. The videos are structured that it is very easy to find the instructions for what you want to do as the videos are separated out so that you don't have to search through hours of video to find one certain thing. All in all, I don't think you can find better training anywhere else at a price like this."

Dennis K. - Georgia

Excel 2007 Training"I teach Excel at a community college in my town. The Dream Force Excel DVD Video was a wonderful tool in teaching Excel to my students. After each section, I would stop the DVD and have my students to get hands-on-experience by doing the exercises. Some of the students had dropped the class previously because their instructor taught them by using the textbook and it was confusing and was hard for them to understand. My students really enjoyed the course and most of them made A's and B's in the course because of the Dream Force Excel Training Video. I also recommended that my students should purchase a copy of the DVD from Amazon.com if they wanted to take the Microsoft Excel Certification exam in the near future. I give it 5 stars!"

Gary W. - West Virginia

Excel 2007 Training"Thank you again for the well explanatory videos."

George S. - United Kingdom

Excel 2007 Training"Thank you for the Excellent videos, and I look forward for the purchase of Project 2007 videos."

Phani S. - India

Excel 2007 Training"I really like your training videos."

David G. - North Carolina

Excel 2007 Training"I just want to say thank you for the quick and prompt response. You were very courteous and helpful which is a rarity now a days. Everything works just fine, and if anyone ever needs a training aid I will definitely give them your address! I have your site saved on my favorites bar so you're just a click away! Thanks!"

Vernell J. - Indiana

Excel 2007 Training"Yes, I received the DVD on Jan.6 which was actually earlier than I expected. Now I am watching the DVD and learning Excel from you every night. It is a fantastic video which, I am sure, can help me to improve my excel skills a lot. I am thinking to write some comments on your website like the others.^_^ Thank you again for the great video. If I want to improve my PowerPoint skills in the future, I will definitely go to you again. Yours sincerely,"

Yong Y. - Canada

Excel 2007 Training"I'm really enjoying these Excel 2007 videos you made, and I'm looking forward to Level 2. THANK YOU for such top-notch content at such an affordable price."

Sunni S. - California

Excel 2007 Training"THANK YOU!!! you just helped me get an "A" on my HW."

enriqueejr - You Tube

Excel 2007 Training"THANK YOU!!!! BEST EXPLANATION!!!!"

Pauliona - You Tube

Excel 2007 Training"A great product, and will buy from the seller again."

Roel M. - Washington

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Rich R. - YouTube

Excel 2007 Training Videos

Excel 2007 training videos from Dream Force — training solutions.
Certified training on Excel 2007 training videos.