Excel 2010 Training Videos
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Excel 2010 Training Videos

Excel 2010 Training Videos

Excel 2010 Training Videos will introduce you to the
basics of creating a: spreadsheet, with simple formulas and calculations to more powerful ones, and how you can use Excel 2010 as a database with many sorting and filtering options. It's also important to know how to create your database right the first time, like how to avoid common
design flaws, and numerous time saving features!

Learn how to create charts from your organized data, how to format your data range into a nice looking table, and more by our Microsoft Certified Trainer training Excel 2010!


Excel 2010 DVD

DVD includes Excel 2010 Levels 1, 2 & 3 training videos in both: Flash and Windows Media Video. Bonus Extras: Exercises, Questions, Answers & Notes. All of our Microsoft Office training videos can help you pass the exams and become certified!
$49.95 - DVD

Excel 2010 Downloads!

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Excel 2010 Level 1
  1. Excel Getting Started A (6:24)
  2. Excel Getting Started B (5:26)
  3. Color, Fonts & Save Locations (9:19)
  4. Customize Quick Access Toolbar A (6:52)
  5. Customize Quick Access Toolbar B (4:45)
  6. Customizing Ribbon A (4:01)
  7. Customizing Ribbon B (5:07)
  8. Working With Cells (8:38)
  9. Data Entry (9:56)
  10. Save and Save As (8:47)
  11. Excel 2010 Help (2:25)
  12. Converting to Excel 2010 (4:30)
  13. Compatibility Checker (8:02)
  14. Convert to Previous Versions (6:46)
Functions & Formulas
  1. Basic Formulas A (10:37)
  2. Basic Formulas B (5:48)
  3. SUM and AVERAGE A (6:39)
  4. SUM and AVERAGE B (11:21)
  5. MAX and MIN (8:44)
  6. COUNT and COUNTA (7:48)
  7. Copying & Pasting Data (8:35)
  8. Clipboard (3:23)
  9. Move, Cut and Paste (5:08)
  10. AutoFill (8:58)
  11. Absolute References (9:47)
  12. Mixed References (8:40)
  13. Text To Columns (7:23)

Editing Worksheets

  1. Editing Data (8:42)
  2. Editing Columns and Rows (6:39)
  3. Find and Replace (10:45)
  4. GoTo (6:29)
  5. Transpose Data (3:46)
  6. Adjusting Columns & Rows (3:38)
  7. Hide Columns & Rows (2:29)
  8. Modifying Fonts (4:22)
  9. Spell Check (2:45)
  10. Number Formats (5:07)
  11. Basic Custom Number Formats (4:35)
  12. Borders and Shading (10:04)
  13. Formatting Shortcuts (5:38)
  14. Applying Background (0:40)
  15. Cell Alignment (2:19)
  16. Merge Cells (4:29)
  17. Cell Text Wrapping (1:20)
  18. Create & Modify Styles (7:40)
  19. AutoFormat (3:02)
  20. Applying Themes (8:55)
  1. Print Preview (3:15)
  2. Page Orientation (3:48)
  3. Print Titles (6:21) - VIEW DEMO!
    Flash (.swf)
    Windows Media Video (.wmv)
  4. Headers and Footers A (5:34)
  5. Headers and Footers B (4:53)
  1. Margins (5:36)
  2. Page Breaks (8:50)
  3. Printing A Range of Data (5:15)
Modifying Worksheet Appearance
  1. Modifying Worksheets (10:04)
  2. Hiding Worksheets & Workbooks (3:41)
  3. Splitting Worksheets (5:28)
  4. Freeze Panes (3:59)
  5. Multi-Worksheet & Book Views (4:17)
  6. Text To Speech (2:03)

Level 1 (1351 MB)
6 hours of training

Unlimited viewing of Excel 2010 Level 1 training videos for one computer.
Excel 2010 Level 2
Advanced Formulas
  1. Name Cells & Ranges (6:06)
  2. Linking Data (5:48)
  3. UPPER, LOWER & PROPER (3:08) -
    Flash (.swf)
    Windows Media Video (.wmv)
  4. CONCATENATE (3:50)
  5. LEFT, FIND & SEARCH (8:49)
  6. RIGHT, FIND & LEN (8:31)
  7. IF, AND & OR (6:09)
  8. Nested IF (3:11)
  9. IFERROR (2:20)
  10. PMT Payment Function (3:16)
  11. Display & Print Formulas (1:22)
  12. SUM, COUNT & AVERAGE IF(S) (8:11)
  13. VLOOKUP (7:11)
  14. HLOOKUP (5:44)
  1. Create Tables (3:39)
  2. Modifying Tables (5:37)
  3. Formatting Tables (1:46)
  4. Custom Table Style (2:50)
  5. Table Sorting & Filtering (4:28)
  7. Time Functions (3:31)
  8. Sorting & Database Flaws (7:18)
  9. AutoFilter (6:42)
  10. Advanced Filter (10:06)
  11. Subtotals (4:29)


  1. Create Charts (5:14)
  2. Modifying Charts A (4:55)
  3. Modifying Charts B (3:15)
  4. Chart Titles (3:26)
  5. Formatting Charts (3:50)
  6. Creating Chart Templates (1:34)
  7. Chart Application Sharing (1:04)
PivotTables & Charts
  1. Create PivotTables (9:58)
  2. Customize PivotTables (10:08)
  3. PivotTable Slicers (8:24)
  4. Create Pivot Charts (5:20)
  1. Insert & Modifying Pictures (4:00)
  2. ClipArt (2:26)
  3. Drawing & Modifying Shapes (5:33)
  4. SmartArt Graphics (5:25)
  5. Layering & Grouping Objects (4:21)


  1. Insert & Modify Comments (7:31)
  2. Hyperlinks (7:01)
  3. Web Research (0:55)
  4. Watermarks & Gridlines (5:00)
  5. Customize Themes (6:58)
  6. Create Workbook Templates (1:15)
  7. Create Custom Templates (3:59)

Level 2 (991 MB)
4+ hours of training

Unlimited viewing of Excel 2010 Level 2 training videos for one computer.
Excel 2010 Level 3
  1. Workbook Properties (6:24)
  2. Custom Views (4:50)
  3. Macro Basics (8:42)
  4. Editing Macros (4:30)
  5. Absolute & Relative Macros (3:19)
  6. Conditional Formatting (6:41)
  7. Data Validation (6:44)
  1. Protect Worksheets (6:24)
  2. Password Protect Cells (3:22)
  3. Document Inspector (2:49)
  4. Protect Structure (1:31)
  5. Password to Open/Modify (5:03)
  6. Create Backup (6:03)
  7. Share Workbook (11:26)
  8. SkyDrive Sharing A (4:52)
  9. SkyDrive Sharing B (3:57)
  10. SharePoint Sharing A (4:51)
  11. SharePoint Sharing B (3:38)
  12. Track Changes (4:50)
  13. Protect & Share (3:08)
  14. Merge Workbooks (5:33)
  15. Digital Signatures (9:15)
  16. Restrict Access (6:57)
  17. Mark As Final (1:27)
Audit Worksheets
  1. Tracer Arrows & Errors (4:55)
  2. Troubleshoot Invalid Data (2:46)
  3. Watch & Evaluate Formulas (4:13) - VIEW DEMO!
    Flash (.swf)
    Windows Media Video (.wmv)
  4. AutoOutline & Grouping Data (9:35)
Analyzing Data
  1. Trend Line (2:40)
  2. Sparklines (2:55)
  3. Scenarios (5:44)
  4. Goal Seek (2:38)
  5. Solver (6:01)
  6. Random Samples (8:24)
Multiple Workbooks
  1. Workspace (2:37)
  2. Consolidating Data (5:13)
  3. Link Workbooks (5:46)
Import & Export Data
  1. Export to Word (3:53)
  2. Import Text File (3:18)
  3. Publish Worksheet to Web (3:36)
  4. Import from Web (4:05)
  5. XML A (6:49)
  6. XML B (4:47)
  7. Advanced Number Formats (5:56)
  8. Camera (3:59)

Level 3 (817 MB)
3.5+ hours of training

Unlimited viewing of Excel 2010 Level 3 training videos for one computer.

Top 10 Excel 2010 Must See Videos!
If you're already familiar with the previous version of Excel, and want to know what's new in Excel 2010 you'll want to check out the following training videos:

  1. Getting Started (#1-2) - the new File Tab is also know as the "Backstage" view.
  2. Improved Ribbon (#6-7) - you can now customized the Ribbon in Excel 2010.
  3. Converting to 2010 (#12) - convert old Excel files into more stable Excel 2010.
  4. More Styles (#45) - setting up a style to be used over and over again saves time.
  5. More Themes (#47) - fast way to format the workbook's: fonts, colors & effects.
  6. Improved PivotTables (#94-95) - quick way to sort and filter you data.
  7. Slicers (#96) - a faster way to filter your data in PivotTables & PivotCharts.
  8. Improved Conditional Formatting (#115) - format cells that meet criteria.
  9. SkyDrive Sharing (#126-127) - share Excel 2010 files over the web.
  10. Sparklines (#139) - insert a small chart into a single cell for a selected range.

Excel 2010 Core (77-882) and Expert (77-888) Exams:
Our Excel 2010 training videos include all the training you need to pass both Core and Expert exams!


Excel 2010 Training Videos DVD Bonus Extras!
The Excel 2010 training videos on DVD contain not only Flash files, but also Windows Media Video files. These files make it easier to find the right training video that appears the sharpest and clearest to you on your monitor.
Over 14 hours of training videos, and includes:

  1. Exercise Files - work along side with the Certified Master Instructor!
  2. Instructor Notes - quick reference notes on the basics covered in detailed videos!
  3. Student Questions - a list of questions to quiz yourself on after watching the videos!
  4. Instructor Answers - and of course the answers to the student questions!

The videos were recorded at a higher screen resolution: 1024 x 768 to reveal more tools available on the Excel 2010 Ribbon, and accommodate the average user's higher screen resolution.

Each Excel 2010 Levels 1, 2 & 3 (DVD) training video includes a single license.


Excel 2010 Reviews

Excel 2010 Training"Another great training video. The Training video's by Kirt Kershaw of Dream Force LLC keep getting better with each training video he puts out. Excel 2010 is a very comprehensive training video broken down into small easy to follow sessions that even come with sample work sheets with data used in the training video's to follow along with. This is a great addition. Excel 2010 by Kirt Kershaw is an extensive training program. It covers everything you need to know about how to use this fun and powerful Microsoft product. If this is the first time you are using excel, Kirt takes you through the basics and if you follow all three levels of the video lessons, when you are done with this Excel 2010 you will be quite efficient using the Excel 2010 program and will be classified as an advanced user, the go to person for excel 2010. Even when you finish you always have the DVD at your fingertips to review and refresh for features you do not use often but need to use now. This training DVD on Excel 2010 become an invaluable reference source. If you are looking for a training DVD for Excel 2010 or any of the Microsoft Office programs, look no further, you found it with Kirt Kershaw Excel 2010 training video. This is a wonderful learning DVD. I highly recommend this and all Kirt Kershaw training video's. This turned out to be the best investments I have made for learning Excel 2010. I have since purchased the entire collection of Kirt Kershaw training programs include the latest Microsoft Windows 7 which I just upgraded to from Windows XP. It quickly brought me up to speed with Microsoft new operation system. Even if you are already knowledgeable in using the Microsoft programs, you can still learn from these videos. I have watched them all from level 1 to level III, and I learned new techniques and time-saving tips that I've missed and did not know from other training videos. Kirt Kershaw's training videos are the best out there, and his teaching style and the level of detail are unmatched in my opinion. He breaks it down and explains in detail with real world examples. Even if you have limited or no experience using the Microsoft video training programs by Kirt from DreamForce LLC you will learn them and soon master them and become the go to person in how to use the Microsoft program you are learning. The videos are broken down are into small and short lessons. You learn at your own pace. Even after watching the training videos, I still refer back to them often as you do a reference book when you need a refresher course or just want to review something that you haven't done in a while or for review if you didn't master them the first time. I highly recommend, Kirt Kershaw of Dream Force LLC., training videos to anyone who is just starting out, or wants to be more proficient with the Microsoft office suite, or starting up to the new Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. You will soon become an expert and the go to person from friends and family. Keep up the good work Kirt Kershaw and please keep those video training programs coming."

Stephen D. - New York

Excel 2010 Training"Dear Kirt: I just want to sincerely thank you for the Excel 2010 training video. Earlier, I was waiting for your Word 2010 word processing video and really wanted a speedy release. Although I went on the website to try and find another training video (because you weren’t sure when the word processing video would be released), I found that the voices of other instructors were not as engaging as yours. Anyways, I inadvertently decided to "kill time" by buying the Excel 2010 training video first, and it has been "life-altering" and "life-changing." I am a matrimonial lawyer and while I have a Childview program (popular for child and spousal support ...), I had been using primarily a table in WordPerfect and using a basic summation function for tables. When I started dipping into your first few lessons and realized what the potential of that training can do (the power of the ability to designate coordinates in a formula anywhere on a sheet), honestly, I just wanted to "beam down" (okay, fly over) to Utah and give you an "Excel dance and hug." I can't even believe how I functioned the last 18 years of my practice without Excel. It's really hard for me to get away for a whole day and take Excel Level 1 at some community college. I love the fact that when I can't follow a concept, I can "rewind" and pause to take notes. I love the round yellow pointer, your humor and your ability to recognize how students can go wrong and how to "back track." Your voice is quite captivating. I don't fall asleep like I do with other videos (eg. PC Law!). Now, I recently found out that they are teaching Excel in Grade 5 and Powerpoint in Grade 3 (Social Studies).... I really want to thank you for giving me that opportunity to "catch up" with the rest of the world without going back to elementary school! Most senior family law lawyers do not know Excel, and I feel I am developing a great skill, "slightly" ahead of the pack. I am now thinking of just going on Excel at the first client interview with a computer in the boardroom to draft a spreadsheet right off the bat instead of taking notes. I think back to all the data I had to add in past cases (eg. polygamies with multi family members' incomes, credit card statements to prove income evasion, etc., for over a decade of tax returns on numerous parties) and wondered why I didn't know Excel then! The only stumbling block for me on Excel was when I went past Rows 21, 22 and I typed in numbers, only to find dates appearing. I found that very frustrating and wondered why these cells were so "psychotic" until someone at the office here told me to format the cells as numbers (that's in a later video clip). Anyways, I just want to encourage you to keep going. The wait is totally worth it. Thanks so much. I don't want to take up more of your time reading my long email, even though I can go on and on. Thank you so much again!! I feel like I was incarcerated for the last 10 years and then released to find out I can't even use today's modern calculator, Excel, until Kirt Kershaw came along. Honestly, I have tremendous gratitude towards you. So, please keep teaching. It is a privilege for me to learn from you. I am telling all my friends about your videos."

Winnie C. - Canada

Excel 2010 Training"You will not regret this purchase. I bought this product to expand my knowledge of Excel and I am REALLY IMPRESSED with this video. I have been watching and participating along through the first ten or so lessons and I wanted to write my endorsement of this product. First, a little about me: I am finishing my undergraduate degree in Accounting and working in a part-time co-op (internship) for a Fortune 500 corporation in a Finance IT role. I served in the Marine Corps and worked in a technical field repairing communications equipment and more recently jamming systems. Enough about me... Kirt Kershaw's method is by the numbers and lessons build on each other. I started with the beginner lessons even though I have experience using Excel 2010 just because I wanted to be sure that I didn't miss anything about basic features. It is AMAZING how much I thought I knew about Excel that I didn't. If you an experienced user do yourself a favor and go through the Level 1 stuff: you may be surprised, as I was, at how much you think you know that you actually do not. Mr Kershaw's voice and annunciation is perfect for an instructional video. I was concerned that he may be hard to follow because of a Ben Stein (think Ferris Bueller's day off) monotone voice but I am able to follow along without issue. The screen capture software is easy to follow and he even has a yellow highlighted circle around the pointer at times to make sure the audience can follow his movement. He also has a play-by-play sort of style so he says what he is doing so if you have the video minimized you can still follow along. Rather than right clicking and expecting the audience to see what he is doing he goes further and says "Let's go ahead and right click to pull up the menu, and then let's ...." As I said earlier I have made it through about ten lessons in level 1. I have no reason to suspect that the quality of instruction or video will not be as good or better than what I have experienced thus far. You will not regret purchasing this product. Other notes: Level 1, 2, and 3 are all on the disc that you buy. There is nothing to install [as long as you have the proper media players to view .wmv or .swf (flash) files]. A pdf with instructions is on the disc with everything the user needs to get started, troubleshooting tips, and a support page. The disc contains the video files (which are accessed through a html based table of contents - see customer pictures), exercise files to test or practice with, and text files with student FAQs and instructor responses. Bottom line: I recommend this product to beginners through advanced users. Everyone can learn something from this Video Trainer. I plan on buying Kirt's videos on Word 2010 and Power Point 2010. I hope this review has helped you - I enjoy giving products accolades when they deserve it."

Souts S. - Texas

Excel 2010 Training"Great product. Definitely recommended for anyone who wish to learn Excel 2010."

Lorenzo S. - California

Excel 2010 Training"Best excel video ever, way better than books. I'm a moderate skilled excel user and got benefit from even the beginning lessons. Excited to see what advance skills I can pick up. Highly recommended."

Luis R. - California

Excel 2010 Training"Very Useful. The Excel 2010 training Videos delivered on every point of interest: - Transitioning from 2003 to 2010 - Learning new tools - Improving analysis methods. Whether your need is to cover Excel overall or to selectively study certain aspects of Excel usage, this is a useful and cost-effective product."

Larry G. - Texas

Excel 2010 Training"I like the excel tutorial. You are a good instructor."

David H. - Virginia

Excel 2010 Training"Excellent video. Thank you for such beautiful pictured videos."

Stephen D. - United Arab Emirates

Excel 2010 Training"I liked it, allowed me to select what I wanted, by item. I think it was easy to move from topic to topic, as a visual learner I was able to follow the list or jump around. I have been a casual user of Excel for a long time and I was able to pick up things about 10 that I would have missed. I recommend it. Thanks. "

Anthony A. - Colorado

Excel 2010 Training"Fantastic training videos. Very informative and easy to follow. As the saying goes...you get what you pay for. Well. I got my monies worth."

Ronald G. - California

Excel 2010 Training"Very happy with purchase, great quality and an excellent price!"

Robert H. - Illinois

Excel 2010 Training"Excellent product!"

Robert R. - New Jersey

Excel 2010 Training"Wonderful Training Series. I recently purchased the Excel 2010 Training Videos made by Kirt Kershaw in preparation for taking Microsoft Exam 77-882 to get MOS certified. The product was sent very quickly, and I was very excited to start. I opened up the package and started to play the DVD in my computer. It only took minutes to figure out that lots of the flash videos, WMV files, and PDFs would not open up and read as corrupt - much to my disappointment. I then got on Google and found the phone number and email address for Dream Force LLC. I contacted them about the problem, and the response was near immediate. Once they realized that I received a faulty disc, they told me that they would be sending another disc via next-day shipping. The customer service was outstanding. It is really no wonder that they have an A+ rating with the BBB. The new DVD arrived promptly, and all of the features worked just fine. The actual video series is extremely thorough, and I am learning some very interesting features of Excel 2010 even in the beginner sections. Kirt is an excellent teacher, and I will be sure to recommend this product to anyone else trying to further their knowledge of using Excel for personal use or, like in my case, to advance in my business field. My employers are ecstatic about what I'm learning, and my ability to use Excel as a customer database that can be cross analyzed in a variety of ways with formulas I am learning. My only regret is purchasing the Excel videos only, instead of the entire Microsoft Office 2010 package. Because of how he teaches and has tons of practice files to follow along with, I am now planning on taking my education further, until I have been MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) certified, MOS-Expert certified, and MOS-Master certified. Wonderful product, and wonderful company to deal with!"

Jason K. - Pennsylvania

Excel 2010 Training"Best training videos ever!! These training videos saved my life! Seriously! If I didn't pass an Excel exam for school, my degree progress would've been thrown way off track. The videos are extremely well done and easy to watch. Kirt Kershaw is a great teacher. I learned so much, and I am so glad I discovered this program. Thank you!!!!!"

Sam O. - California

Excel 2010 Training"Amazing product!"

Elaine H. - Georgia

Excel 2010 Training"It's a great product, I learned a lot. It would be great that this product exists especially for Mac. If they can do the same just to learn the vba. 5 stars."

Matsaerh D. - New Jersey

Excel 2010 Training"I have purchased all training videos for MS Excel 2010. I am really impressed by your work. So I have decided to purchase the full MS office training videos bundle. "

Ibrahim A. - Saudi Arabia

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Excel 2010 Training"Excel 2010 Training Video is absolutely a must-buy video, very informative, super-easy to understand and it serves as a tool guide in my excel related work. Since it's a DVD, you can always watch it anytime you need it. It's fun too, it has Exercise Files, Student Questions & Instructors Answers. I highly recommend it! "

Ivy C. - California

Excel 2010 Training"I've been retired for several years now and at one time I thought I was very capable when using Excel at work. Since those years have passed I have forgotten everything I had ever learned about this software. I just came across your training videos when browsing websites. I listened to the instructor for a while as a matter of slight interest. I'm not in the market for any instructions yet but I thought I'd tell you that what I heard was quite interesting, well spoken and quite enlightening. Well done."

Grant T. - Canada

Excel 2010 Training"As a business analyst managing an Information Technology project portfolio of 50+ million dollars, I work with Excel workbooks on a daily basis. While my employer provides a training portal with several courses on Excel 2010 Basics/Intermediate/Advanced and Business Analysis using Excel, I have often found myself falling asleep while taking those courses due to dry, low quality and boring training materials. To enhance my Excel and business analysis skills, I decided to look for a good computer based training program on Excel 2010. I've bought a few programs on Excel from the major IT training providers, each costs from $99.95 to $249.99. Then one day while searching for a book on Microsoft Office Specialist exam preparation, I run into DreamForce, LLC, office training programs - among which is Microsoft Excel. At first, by looking at the price of $39.95, I thought it was a low-end training course. However, after giving this program a try and spending a week learning with this 3-Level course, I have found it to be the most complete self-training program on Excel that is available. In this program, the instructor will walk you through, step by step, all the skills you need to be proficient with this spreadsheet application and get ready to take the certification exam as a Microsoft Office Excel Specialist. You can start from scratch or from whatever point you already know in Microsoft Excel as this program covers more than 150 topics, complete with exercise files - from the basic definition such as what it means by "a cell", "a row", "data range", "name range", "function", "argument", "formula" to the most advanced business analysis tools like sorting, filtering, graphing and charts, trend lines, sparklines, import and export of data, pivot tables and pivot charts. What you need to know, this course will take you there. The video clips show the LIVE Excel environment. The instruction is very easy to follow along and the instructor will let you know what you may expect to see on your OWN COMPUTER screen so that you will never miss a thing! I love this course, and the DVD will be a good reference material whenever I need it. "

Ricky L. - Virginia

Excel 2010 Training"I have been using Excel for years and learned something new in the very first lesson."

Elsie K. - Illinois

Excel 2010 Training"I have enjoy watching your video's they are short and to the point. In the past I have brought Learnkey video's but find yours much more informative."

Katrina D. - New Zealand

Excel 2010 Training"Just want to let you know I have only listened to the first two video sessions and they are wonderful."

Janet B. - Canada

Excel 2010 Training"Accountants don't use Excel to the software's full potential and I was looking for an easy to understand video, that covered useful features that could be used in the accounting profession. This is an excellent video covering a variety of skill levels and explained clearly with live examples. Kirt Kershaw has a relaxed manner, and a voice that you never tire of. My concern on using video's is that after the first couple of lectures, I would wish the trainer would shut up. Whether it be an irritating voice, lack of teaching skill or just boring. I would definitely recommend Excel 2010 - it is an excellent training tool and teaches knowledge that is required to be efficient in the business world. I thought the training videos from Dream Force were excellent. The trainer was so good and had a voice that u never tired of. Some videos you wish the person would shut up, as they have an irritating voice. I will gladly rate this, as it was EXCELLENT. Kirt Kershaw is a brilliant teacher, I've never met him but after 14 hours - I love him to bits."

Terry R. - Alabama

Excel 2010 Training"I have looked for a lot of options for learning Excel and this is the best I have found. This video series are very complete and have a great level of detail, and at the same time are easy to understand. The package includes 14 hours of learning material, which is pretty good compared to other Excel videos. The narrator voice is clear and with good rhythm, which is very important in instructional videos. I can highly recommend you this video trainer because it has helped me a lot."

Alberto R. - California

Excel 2010 Training"Kirt: As you may have noticed, I am happy with your products. Just thought it would be nice to hear from a new customer. I'm currently working my way through the Excel Level 1 and I have to say your instruction is great. The communication and overall presentation is right on! Thanks."

Daniel K. - Illinois

Excel 2010 Training"You can know that I have recommended all of your DVDs to all of my colleagues in the Federal Government. I was responsible for training 50 people in our office and I always use your DVDs and I've recommended them to everyone I know. I'll buy the 2010 Word as soon as you guys finish."

Michael R. - Virginia

Excel 2010 Training"These training videos gave me the knowledge and confidence to land my dream job. In tough economic times such as these it’s essential to have valuable skills to bring to a job interview. Having very strong MS Office skills is a must have for any decent CV (change this to resume if you like) to stand a chance in today’s job market. My investment in this training has paid for itself several times over on day 1 of starting the job – Thank you!"

Peter W. - United Kingdom

Excel 2010 Training"I have to give this company a 10 star rating if it were possible. Great customer service with real people who take care of their customers. I will be ordering more Video's in the future and highly recommend them to anyone looking for training Videos! A company who really care about their customers."

Nancy E. - Colorado

Excel 2010 Training"I bought this for advanced excel functions. However, after reading many of the comments, I believe there is benefit to work though some of the introductory training as well. Trainer is easy to listen. I especially like that he steps through a variety of options to achieve the 'result'."

Deb E. - Illinois

Excel 2010 Training"This really helps you understand the Spreadsheet Program. The individual videos are easy to follow along with and don't require any prior knowledge in order to figure out and understand the concepts being explained. Each individual video does a good job in explaining that part of the software. It's broken up into small lessons basically so you can do a few each day or just spend a few hours and watch a whole bunch at once. You do find yourself wanting to watch just one more today, and then maybe just one more, hehe, and time goes by quickly as you learn. This I feel is a good thing and it's better than having to force yourself to sit through extremely boring videos. It makes learning Excel 2010 much easier than trying to read a book, at least for me anyway... To be honest, I haven't totally completed the lessons yet myself. I got distracted with other stuff during the holidays but look forward to getting back to the lessons. I did find them enjoyable over-all. I hope this helps you determine whether this training disc full of videos will help you or not. You can click the exact topic you need to learn about, everything is clear as day, all laid out in sections and chapters for each of the 3 difficulty levels, level 1, level 2 and level 3 (the most advanced lessons). Having ALL 3 levels all included like this on just one disc is very convenient! I recommend this highly for anyone wanting to learn Excel 2010 no matter their prior skill level. Have a great 2013 everyone...!"

Nycvideogeek N. - New York

Excel 2010 Training"Great instructional video."

Angel D. - Arizona

Excel 2010 Training"Listened to 3 hours -- I am amazed at how much I have learned so far. Am currently Excel Specialist -- this will definitely help for Excel Expert! :>"

Peter S. - Wisconsin

Excel 2010 Training"I really like the program, and cannot wait to get really into it."

Mary H. - Arizona

Excel 2010 Training"Great product. It starts with basic classes and goes all the way to advanced."

Anna G. - New Jersey

Excel 2010 Training"Exactly what I needed in an easy to learn format!"

Courtney H. - Arkansas

Excel 2010 Training"I passed the EXPERT test!!!! The Expert test was one of the most difficult ones I have taken. While I did well on the Specialist one using the "yellow" book, the Expert one was a fail using the "green" book. I used this, studied through all of the lessons twice, and aced the test. I am currently using your Word 2010 DVD for study. Thanks so much as I shoot for MOS Master!!!! Thanks Kirt!!!!!!"

Peter S. - Wisconsin

Excel 2010 Training"Good. Money well spent. I wish I bought all MS office training videos. Very explanatory, good examples, and short videos."

Rohit S. - Michigan

Excel 2010 Training"Bought Excel, Word, Access and Word and loved them all. Great instructor and great product. I highly recommend. I'm very happy I purchased this product. What I have learned has really helped me at work."

Thomas M. - New Jersey

Excel 2010 Training"Thank you Kirt Kershaw. I love the way you teach and what you teach, very much. I will have to put my kudos in a social media location."

Dana S. - Illinois

Excel 2010 Training"If you need to learn Excel basics quickly, this software is easy to use and understand. Highly recommend it."

Verna K. - Florida

Excel 2010 Training"Perfect. Regarding teaching myself excel to help with my job. This video teacher is perfect for me. Clearly teaches each area and provides great practice sections!"

Dieane W. - Pennsylvania

Excel 2010 Training"All smiles with this product."

Eban G. - Florida

Excel 2010 Training"Excel 2010 Training Video is a practical way to learn how to use Excel 2010 to do a wide variety of spreadsheet tasks. Kirt Kershaw does a great job as tutor/narrator in the video, similar to what he did in his Excel 2013 Training Video....see my comments about that video, since they generally apply to both!"

John P. - New York

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