Medical Billing Training Overview

Free medical billing training tips! The free tips is our way of saying thank you for visiting our website, and see if our medical biling training videos would be a good match for your video training needs. Our medical billing training videos are divided into two areas of training: Front Office and back Office Medical Billing. The Front Office training videos are for both medical biller and front office staff to have a good idea on how the flow begins in getting the medical biller what he or she needs to bill insurance carriers and patients correctly and in a timely manner. We like to give our users more than what they expect and would enjoy hearing back on your experience watching our medical billing training videos. We do hope as you learn more about medical billing from our free tips to purchasing our medical billing trainnig services and or videos!

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Medical Billing Training Online at Home

Medical Billing Training from Home from Dream Force — online training solutions. Free medical billing training tips for medical billing services training.

Medical Billing Training

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Medical Billing Overview

Free Medical Billing Tips for...

  1. Dashboard Billing Stats
  2. Role and User Setup
  3. Import Charge Codes
  4. Diagnosis Code Import
  5. Payment Codes
  6. Write-off Codes
  7. Referring Providers
  8. Facilities
  9. Patient Billing Hold Reasons
  10. Debit Adjustment Codes
  11. Patient Billing Rules
  12. Statement Messages
  13. Account Types
  14. Fee Schedules
  15. Charge Slip Template
  16. Submitter Types
  17. Insurance Carrier Setup
  18. EDI Agreements
  19. Setup Scheduler
  20. Financial Class Defaults
  21. Patient Data
  22. Responsible Party
  23. Insurance
  24. Referrals
  25. Appointments
  26. Tasks
  27. Memos
  28. Notes
  29. Forms
  30. Chart Files
  31. Custom Records
  32. Scheduling Appointments
  33. Claim Template
  34. Patient Mail Merge
  35. Labels
  36. Batches
  37. Online Charge Slip
  38. Quick Charge Entry
  39. Debit Adjustment

Medical Billing Services

  1. Quick Pay
  2. Payment Entry
  3. Statement Payment
  4. Write-off Entry
  5. End Of Day Wizard
  6. EDI Reports
  7. Finance Charges
  8. End Of Month & End Of Year
  9. Payment Plan
  10. Takebacks
  11. NSF Checks
  12. Missed Visits Report
  13. Unapplied Transactions
  14. Patient Billing Wizard
  15. Capitation Plans
  16. Sending To Collections
  17. Rebill
  18. CBO Worklist
  19. Collections Setup Defaults
  20. Collection Worklist Setup
  21. Collection Action Codes
  22. Create Form Letters
  23. Collections Module
  24. Role Privileges Setup Collections
  25. Front Office Collections
  26. Collection Reports
  27. Denial Tracking
  28. Practice Information
  29. Audit History
  30. Data Export
  31. Carrier Management
  32. Carrier Purge
  33. Inventory
  34. ERA
  35. Patient Checkout
  36. Recalls
  37. Electronic Eligibility
  38. Shortcuts