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Difference Using Word 2007 Save and Save As

Microsoft's Word Save As is performed automatically anytime you save you Word document for the first time. Save and Save As are two distinct features when saving a Word document. First, whenever you Save As, in essence Word will ask you two simple questions: where do you want to save your document and what name do you want to save it as? So you can see why I said that whenever you're saving your document for the first time Word automatically performs a Save As feature to give you document a name and a place to be saved. Once you've defined what his name and where his place is then future saves are just that a Save. You no longer have to tell your

new saved document where to be placed or assign it a new name. Simply open up your Christmas List document and delete text or add and simple click Save! But what if you want to create a copy? Okay, say you have your Christmas document saved as "Good List" and now you'd like to create a copy or backup of that "Good List." Some might think to open up a new blank document and copy the text from the old and paste it into the new and save it as "Good List 2" or "Good List Backup." Instead you can remain in your original "Good List" document and click on Word's Office Logo button to Save As. Simply then change or rename the "Good List" to "Good List 2" and click save. Now you have your original "Good List" and another copy called "Good List 2." Whew! that wasn't so tough, but I think you'll still like to see it in action wouldn't you? Please support my million dollar habit and click on the "See Word 2007 In Action!" link below to purchase the Word 2007 training video! There's plenty more than the Save As training on my Word 2007 training videos!

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